Quick Start

  • Download Solocontutti and install it
  • Make sure you are using a headphone - if you use the inbuilt speaker of your device you'll get some nasty feedback. Don't use bluetooth headphones, these usually add a large amount of delay (latency) to the signal.
  • The first time you start a Wizard will run to help you with some settings. You can skip this and come back later, but it's better to just run through all the instructions.
  • Click "Start" to start a session with other musicians
  • Send your partners the code the you receive
  • All the partners click on "join" and enter the code
  • Play away and enjoy yourself
  • If there is still a large delay due to poor network conditions, start the metronome. This will synchronise to the same time for everybody, regardless of network delay. Any member of the group can change the metronome speed at any time.

If you want to know more about how to reduce the latency (delay) over the line, there is a guide here.