About Solocontutti

I have been a fanatical amateur pianist for years, but some of my favourite music is for ensembles of two to four instruments. I always had difficulty finding people to play with, and certainly at times that suited work, social life and family. Guessing that other people would be in the same boat, I built this site and the technology to allow ensembles to play together over the Internet.

The Solocontutti app is built specifically for musicians to play together online. This means that the app is optimised for :

  • Ease of use - just download and go
  • The best possible sound quality
  • The lowest possible delay (latency) between players
Of course the app isn't magical: there are limits on what is possible over the public internet, and no amount of software will improve the quality of the microphone built into a laptop. But with a reasonable internet connection and no special equipment it is perfectly possible to play together live, and with improved equipment and a good internet connection delays of less than 1/50 of a second can be achieved.

And what about video I hear you ask? Solocontutti supports a video link which allows players (for the moment just two) to see each other. Because of restrictions of the underlying technology the video will always lag a little behind the audio.