Solocontutti privacy policy

Solocontutti protects your personal information by basically not requiring any. No names, email adresses or other information is stored by solocontutti - most of the information required is shared between the players that come together in a session.

Solocontutti does require a little information in order to function:

  • IP addresses - solocontutti stores your IP adresses in order to facilitate a connection between the participants in a session.
  • The first time you us solocontutti you will receive a cookie which is stored and is used to identify the app for security and licensing purposes.
  • The name you choose to display to other users is stored on the server.
  • In the settings you will set up an email address for support questions. This address is only sent when you request support and is only used with respect to your support request. The address will only be stored in information relating to support requests.

All of the above information is stored securely and is used only for the purpose of managing your usage of the app and the website. The information is used for no other purpose, and will not be passed on to third parties other than in the context of using the app.