Problem Solver

This section covers a number of solutions for solving common problems with Solocontutti. If you have a propblem that you cannot solve you should contact technical support. This is best done via the "Report Problem function" in the menu of the app. You can also contact us on

I cannot connect to the server If the app says that it cannot connect to the server, this may have several causes:
  • Are you connected to the internet? You can check this by opening the solocontutti web page in the browser.
  • The server may be unavailable for maintenance. You should try again later.
  • You may be using an old version of Solocontutti that is no longer supported. Try upgrading to the latest version.
I cannot connect to another player If you cannot connect to another player there may be several causes depending upon how the your network and the other player's are set up. Basic troubleshooting steps are:
  • Windows/MacOS Use the reflector function to see if you can connect via the server. If this fails then your firewall is probably blocking the connection.
  • Try closing the session and starting a new one with the player. This sometimes clears networking errors.
  • Reset the router on both sides of the connection. The router may be blocking the link and resetting it may clear the problem.
My audio input is not being picked up

When trying to use Solocontutti it can happen that the audio input, whether this is a microphone or some other audio dvice, doesn't seem to be being picked up by Solocontutti. Check that you can hear the headphones by using the test button in the wizard or the setup page. If you hear a beep, then you can check the input by putting on the headphones, setting the left hand input slider to 0 (about 2/3 from the top) or the dial to its middle position, click "mon" to monitor the input and make some noise. If you hear nothing then you can try the following:

  • (MacOS and Windows) Go to the settings page and check that the correct device is selected as input
  • If you are using an inbuilt microphone or have linked an external device to the microphone jack, check that the output volume of the device (if it has one) is properly set up.
  • If you are using an external audio interface, check the controls on the interface are set up correctly.
  • (Windows) If you are using ASIO4ALL, check that there isn't a problem with the device. You can do this by opening the ASIO4ALL control panel directly, or choosing preferences and opening it from there. There is an appendix on using ASIO4ALL here.
  • (MacOS and iOS) When the app first starts it asks for permission to use the microphone. This may have been skipped over for some reason. You can check this in the settings. On MacOS this is Settings->Security and Privacy->Privacy->MIcrophone. On iOS this is Settings->Privacy->Microphone. In both cases Solocontutti should be on the list of apps allowed to use the microphone. If not you can add it.
I have started a session, but the sound is crackly and drops out

This is probably caused by performance problems on your computer. The first thing to do is to make sure no other programs are running, that virus checkers are not performing a scan, that you are not running an automatic backup and that no other user is logged in to.

The second thing to check is the buffer size in the settings. Try setting this to a higher value to see if the crackling goes away. Remember that setting this value higher will improve performance but will also increas latency, so don't set it higher than you need to

If you or someone else are sharing the same external internet connection are downloading, watching internet videos or playing online games, this is the probable cause of the problem

It is also possible to tune the connection to achieve the best compromise between latency and quality. Use the "Tuning" function in the advanced menu for this. There is also a tutorial on how to tune the app on the Youtube channel.

The other player can hear me, but I can't hear the other player

When this occurs there are a few simple steps to go through:

  • Check that sound is working on your side. You can most easily do this by starting the metronome - if you hear the metronome then go onto the next step. If not, then you should check the the Master Volume is not set to zero and, if that’s OK, check the settings for the input device (in Main->Preferences) and make sure that you can hear the beep when you press “test”. If not, then change the settings until you can.
  • If this all works then should check that, when you are a session, your volume slider labelled with the other persons name, is not set too low.
  • If the above does not yield any results, then you should check if the problem is with your partner. There first thing that they can do is check that their audio signal is being picked up correctly. The easiest way to do this is to play something and watch the meter for “Input 1”. If the meter does not move, then you may need to check the sound settings, a nd the gain slider for “Input 1”. You should also check that the “Mute” button has not accidentally been pressed
  • An additional check that your partner can do, is press the “Mon” button and check that their own sound is coming through the headphones correctly. If not check the settings again as above.
  • If none of this helps, you should send a problem report via the “Help->Report Problem” option. Please do this while the session is running, as this ensures that extra information is gathered.
Windows Windows says that it might be dangerous to run the app

Windows will report the app as potentially dangerous if the new version has not yet been downloaded often. If this is the case you should click "Run" or "Run anyway". If you are having problems downloading you may need to tell Windows that you to download the app and to keep it anyway when it gives you a warning.

Windows I try to start Solocontutti app, but it cannot find my driver

If you have a special sound device then you probably need to install the drivers. See the instructions that came with your sound device. If you do not have such a device, then you may install ASIO4ALL which can be found at

I try to join a session but the app tells me that I have an invalid code.

You should double check the code to see if it has been entered correctly. the code is always 6 characters which can be digits or letters. The code is case sensitive i.e. capital letters are considered as different to small letters

The indicator light for one of my partners is orange

This indicates that the latency for the connection to that partner is higher than is comfortable with the Solocontutti app, or that the line quality is low. You can continue playing, but you may need to use the metronome to keep in sync and there may be a noticeable delay. Next to the indicator there is a number showing what the total latency is including the buffering needed to maintain quality of the link. If this is too high then will display as "Hi".

The app sound indicator is moving but I hear nothing

Try to increase the volume using the master volume control.

Windows If you are using ASIO drivers then each device has its own mixer in the driver control. This may be accessible through the "ASIO Control Panel" button in app settings, otherwise please consult the manual for your sound device.

Other members of my session say that the volume is too low

You can change the volume of your own sound by using the slider on the "In" part of the mixer in the app. You can hear how loud this is by clicking on the "mon" button. CAUTION - be careful when using the monitor, and read the warnings given by the program.If the volume is still too low you need to increase the input volume in the mixer of your sound device.

Windows If you are using native ASIO drivers then the supplier of the sound card will have provided their own mixer. In some cases this is accessible from the app settings screen by pressing the "ASIO control panel" button, but this is not always so.

The program stops (crashes) and reports a fatal error

This almost always indicates an error in the program and we would appreciate it if you would report this so that we can fix it in newer versions. To report it you need to send us a with a short description of what happened, and the dump file. You should be prompted to do this automatically on Windows. On MacOS and on Android and iOS this is done by the system and you don't need to take any action.

I cannot install the app on Windows 7

It is actually possible to install the app on Windows 7, but you should be aware that this version of Windows is no longer supported by Microsoft and Solocontutti has not been tested on Windows 7. That said, some users are using it and it seems to work.

The standard installer doesn't support Windows 7 so you need to do some extra work. You will need a decompression tool such as WinZip or WinRar to decompress the installation files. The details are:

  • Open the downloaded .msixbundle file with WinZip (or similar) and unzip
  • In the unzipped directory there’s a file called SolocontuttiInstaller_??????_x86.msix (32 bit systems) and SolocontuttiInstaller_??????_x64.msix (64 bit systems) where "???????" will be replaced by the current version number, for example SolocontuttiInstaller_2.0.4.0_x64.msix Open the correct file for your system with zip and unzip it.
  • Open the .msixbundle file with WinZip (or similar) and unzip
  • In the unzipped directory there is a subdirectory called Solocontutti_App.exe. In this directory you’ll find the executable. You can run this as an app. It won’t install it for you as the installer doesn’t work on Windows 7, but you can run the app directly.